Tortilla Wraps are traditional Mexican dishes, made with a variety of spices and filling.  The most popular are Burritos and Fajitas, but there are many other dishes.

At Panchos Burritos we serve the most popular varieties all home made by our Chef Enrique Martinez, using only fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican herbs and spices. All wraps are finished with a generous helping of our homemade and authentic Pico de Gallo (red salsa).  For the extra brave, why not try our wrap with a helping of our XXXtra hot Mean and Dangerous Habanero Sauce! Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Did you know that during the last 12 months we served over 50,000 Burrito alone to over 50,000 Very Happy Customers!

We are fully aware that more and more people choose not to eat meat or dairy products.  Therefore we have provided a Vegetarian or vegan option with most of our Mexican Meals, without losing the original Mexican Flavour texture and style.